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Difference between Handmade and Machine embroidery

Handmade embroidery begins by sprawling the fabric on a hoop of either plastic or wood. The hoop size is usually on what the sewer who is going to do the embroidery is comfortable with. The things that are dependent on the type of Hand Embroidery chosen for the project are the size of the hand embroidery needle and the thread option. Alongside the needle’s and thread’s option, the needle artist puts in his or her personal touch to their embroidery which makes the project “arise flourishing”. A craft that is like anything, it takes a lot of practice and time to perfect stitches, but if it is something one picks out to forge ahead with, it brings great fulfilment to both the sewer who is working on the embroidery and the recipient. Handmade embroidery each piece is unique. Even if it is matched with the same pattern, it is the needle artist’s inclination that makes every piece a “in a class by itself” work of art. On the other hand, the term “machine embroidery” refers to the process of using a specialist embroidery machine or a sewing machine to create a pattern on the desired fabric. It is commonly used in the industrial arena because it is a great tool when it comes to brand products or uniforms, but it can be used for decorative purposes as well by creating the designs accordingly. Machine embroidery is computer generated. Into a computer program, pre-made patterns are imputed that controls the stitching on the machine of embroidery. Talking about the stitches all the designs are uniform and each project looks the same. For the stitcher’s passion for the art form, there is no variance. The design will be stitched just as the pattern is fed in the design software. Machine Embroidery cannot have its threads divided as in the Handmade Embroidery needle artist can do with the handmade projects. The threads are mostly made of rayon, polyester or metallic and give an artificial look to the embroidery which is done by machines. Very rare can the design be given a more dimensional look and this is due to the type of stitching that has to occur with Machine Embroidery. And finally, Machine Embroidery for the most part has very little “joint value” because there is mass production for this kind of embroidery.

Difference between Machine and Handmade embroidery

The stitching process is where the difference between handmade and machine embroidery arises. A variety of thread, fabrics and stitches can be there in handmade embroidery. To the sewer who did the embroidery every work is distinctive. Talking about the machine embroidery, it is very uniform and if multiple items are stitched all are identical.A handmade embroidered work is more individualized and creative, which makes it the ideal way to create a valuable or a source of pride for the embroiderer who works hard to make it. This whole process requires a fair investment of heart and time to include the details that will make the embroidery unique. Depending on the skills of the person who is doing the embroidery, the handmade embroidery can result in a lifelike piece of art that will make a unique display to be liked by all.Machine embroidery, on the other hand, usually produces more professional looking work in a fraction of the time just as which the same thing is done by handmade embroidery The broad selection of designs available today in machine embroidery provides everything that is needed for personal use and small businesses as well. There is much software that can be used to create one’s personalized embroidery designs.