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Question- Where do you start your work from?

Answer- Our work starts like from here this is kind of plastic where we draw designs like this. We’ll get some things like which already have some parts made that in this pattern we need this design. For example, here we have this of body cutting. So, it is cut from here and goes directly to the dress. In this we put flower or otherwise something else that we are having. And for this we have different-different kinds of software like Wilcom, Wings, EVX, etc and the software which we are currently using is this Wilcom’s software

Question - So you design all this from here

Answer- Yes, first of all we scan that design that I showed earlier and make this. Like as you can see this is the design of chemical. This is chemical’s design. First, we’ll keep the chemical and then it’ll all go. Then we’ll cover this outline. Then after cutting we will remove this fabric. This will form a web-like structure on the thread.

Question- How do you design the patterns?

Answer- See talking about the design, we have a designer who works above us. So, what they do is that if they like any design, they give us a set and after drawing on it. For example, we have this. In it, we want this design. This has been drawn for this (the black cloth as shown by him). So, in it we have to make the design and give it and after this all this will be put by our hands because these things are not possible to be done in computer. Here it’s leather so this is the thing.

Question- The sequins which you add here is made by machines or it can also be hand-made?

Answer- No, it can also be hand-made. So, this piece which you can see all this is by computer. It has 4 types of sequins. This one is 9mm size 1 which is attached to this side. This one is 5 mm; this is center hole and this is also 5 mm and this is also center hole. It has 2 of gold. And now there will be five colors on it too but we face some problems because our device is of four. So if we do five then we use a device alternately. Like it has karadana so we do this because we do have the machine for karadana.

Question-Here it’s sequins CD does this mean it has sequins thread?

Answer- No no this is sequins, thread is another.

Question- So this sequins if you….

Answer- If this sequins is put then how will it operate on the machine….

Question- So you use this sequins

Answer- Yeah, it stays in the roll if it is not in the roll then it can’t be used.

Question- So this embroidery work involved only thread work or something else??

Answer- No, in this there’s a rubber paper. Like as you can see this one paper, we put this paper. And then this red cloth is kept on it

Question- So first you do this rubber thing then put the thread??

Answer- No, fabric is putted then rubber is putted, then the embroidery has been started. So once when it is completed, we remove this rubber

Question- So then you remove the extra rubber.

Answer- Cotton is used, needlework is also involved then we have this nylon thread so the thing is that is used for sequencing. And this red color cloth can’t be made by this thread because if we make using this then it’ll not have the desired quality. This is the thread

Question- Which thread is this?

Answer- This one is silk (yellow), this is cotton, the silk ones will always have a shine.

Question- What is this type of embroidery known as?

Answer- This is the logo and these are its designs so it comes under multi

Question- No no I wanted to ask that is there a name for this kind of embroidery?

Answer- This Logo, so we just call it Logo there is no name as such.

Teacher- Ohh

Answer- This is the small face so yeah it is known as Logo only. Now this is for the T-Shirt.

Question- So this paper right there

Answer- Yeah, this paper is used so that we get good-quality output because there is stretch in the cloth. If we don’t use it… like this one so it doesn’t have the desired quality

Question- So it doesn’t have the paper?

Answer- It does have but the paper used here is not the same as used there.

Question- So it depends on the type of paper right?

Answer- Yes, it does

Question- How many types of sequins do you use?

Answer- So here at our factory we use 8-9 types of sequinss. 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 7mm, 9mm. And in this also we have some sort of variety, some as top holes, some are flower- shaped, some are cups as well. Currently as you can see is of 3mm and this is being made for Lehenga.

Question- How do you add colors in these clothes? Do you use dyes or something else?

Answer- No no it already depends on the strips/sequinss. This one is a little bit gold some are even silver, now as you can see this one is in the gold. This one is the silver strip and this is the thread which is being used here, as I showed you earlier this is the transparent one so because of this particular reason the thread is not visible on this. So yeah this one is made of the transparent thread.

Question- How much time does it take you to do all this stuff?

Answer- It takes us about 2 to 3 hours

Question- Okay so 2 to 3 hours, what if it’s a lot work?

Answer- 4 hrs… maximum 5 hours it depends upon

Question- So what work is going on here???

Answer- Blouse is being made over it now of chikankari.

Question- So inside it as well will you add some sort of paper??

Answer- Yes we do, just as it is putted so this is water soluble. As soon as it is kept in water, it’ll mix in it.

Question- Ohh okay And this sequins will be added here?

Answer- Yes, here’s the key, so by chikan it will be putted here and then we’ll wash it and after washing we’ll get this.

Question- And all these machines here, do they do the same thing??

Answer- No, it depends on the design that we make. So we upload the design on it. And after uploading all these machines will be working in the same manner. It’s not like than these 3 will do some thing else and those other 3 will do some thing different. They all will do the same work. All this thing is computerized. As we can see here it spins, so it’ll obviously spin for all of them.

Question- Now you said something about uploading the design, so how do you upload them?

Answer- Show them how to upload. Please give the pen drive.

Answer- Here goes the pendrive

Question- So you’ll insert this pendrive in the machine. Hmm okay

Answer- Now it’s connected

Question- We have to click on the desired design from here and it’ll get uploaded…

Answer- Yes

Question - So this uploading will come in all the machines and then they all will work the same way.

Question- Is there any other cloth used other than this??

Answer- Yeah, here net is being used, cotton can also be used we do have many options other than this particular one.

Answer- Carry this forward

Question- What did you do just now??

Answer- We did this down. These are the needles. Here we can see 2-3 needles.

Question- The needle which you are using here, does this depend on the type of cloth?

Answer- Yes it does,

Question- So this is the net right?

Answer- In this 11m

Question- So this the type of cloth

Answer- No no, this is some sort of needle only so it works,Now that the cloth is light so the process will start

Answer- These machines are of handloom they do need to be serviced regularly.

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